A lady took some Medjugorje blessed water for about 3 months and then found she had the strength and courage to get her Doctor to supervise her discontinuing a concoction of prescription drugs that she had been on since eighteen years of age. The dosage of drugs had been steadily increased over the years until her present age of 56 years. The Doctor advised her that as she was such a long-time user he did not think she could possibly succeed in quitting the drugs and she would have much withdrawal pain if she tried. However, the lady had the strength to insist the Doctor oversee her attempt.
The lady at the time of writing, has been reducing the dosage of drugs at the same time as continuing to take a daily dose of the Medjugorje blessed water. It has been about 9 months since starting her attempt and her Doctor is truly amazed at how well she is doing and at the amount of reduction she has achieved. Her Doctor says it is miraculous. This lady is going to further testify as she heads toward a complete suspension of all the drugs she is addicted to. The lady suffers from acute anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. Her name is S.H. and her original letter is on file.
We gave Medjugorje blessed water to a man who was on medication, but suffering stage four cancer that was spreading and after taking the water it was found that the progression of the cancer was stopped. He gave us a thank you card on 22nd March, 2017 stating the following: Dear Trevor, just a little note to ‘thank you’ for the Medjugorje Holy Water. The Virgin Mary has worked on me through this water and I feel healthy and my cancer is now contained and not spreading. Kind regards, H.H. The original card is on file.
I started taking the Medjugorje water several years ago when I was on the pain killer Ketamine and I found the ‘water’ very beneficial as it greatly slowed my agony and the use of Ketamine. About 4 years ago I had difficulty sleeping as I had a loud humming in my ears and the ‘water’ has not only fixed the humming, but now I sleep 100% better. I thank the Medjugorje Centre for the help I’ve still got due to their ‘water’. D.A., June 2019.
I wake up about 3.00am and have a sip of what I call ‘power water’. Pain in my teeth is why I use the ‘water’. It removes the pain and discomfort in my teeth. This has been going on for several years. I totally appreciate my mate Trevor giving me the ‘water’. Another time I could not straighten my arm because my elbow was painful and restricted any movement. I poured a little ‘power water’ inside my elbow and within a week I regained full movement of the arm and all pain was removed. I thoroughly recommend Trevor’s ‘power water’ to anyone who has pain or discomfort. R.S., artist and poet.
I have been drinking the holy water from Medjugorje for almost three months and my husband has noticed some improvements as my face has lightened and it doesn’t look sickly, it looks a lot fresher. I am able to do some house-work and other chores around the house that I couldn’t do. I truly believe, Mother Mary is slowly but surely healing me. I am grateful for small mercies. I will continue to drink this holy water from Medjugorje till I’m absolutely cured. I thank you and love you dear mother. M.T., June 2019.