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  1. John Ryan (verified owner)

    I should start off by disclosing that Trevor is my step father. I am the son of Alva (the one who “walked her down the isle” when Trevor married her). I found the book mostly very interesting and I enjoyed discovering more about Trevor’s childhood and upbringing. I enjoyed reading about Trevor’s life events leading up to when I met him around 2003. I think readers will appreciate his honest and frank recount of some of his life events and misdemeanors which all helped shape him into the valued community giver we see today. I must say that I had no idea of the amount of work that Trev puts into his charity and community work and I can say now that I know this I can see that he was a very deserving winner of his recent prestigious Order of Australia Medal, and I am proud to have him as my step father.

  2. James Strider

    Before we get going I have an admission to make: the author of this very personal testament is my Father in Law. Despite this fact, I will attempt to give as neutral and honest a review as possible, focusing on the clarity and effectiveness of Trevor Knuckey’s (OAM) story and how he communicates it to us, the readers.

    Over it’s 196 pages and 12 chapters, we are taken on an initially heartbreaking journey starting with Trevor’s poverty stricken childhood, with what would now be considered parental abuse and neglect, through to his peak spiritual experiences at Medjugorje, followed on by coming to terms with mental illness and finally onto his later years where he discovers his true purpose, namely that of service to the Indigenous community via The Medjugorje Centre charity he runs with other family members to this day.

    Whatever your beliefs or persuasion, one cannot but be deeply touched by Trevor’s story and testament, delivered in a down to earth and starkly honest way, showing us all what can be accomplished when we truly believe in a higher power and are motivated to do good. I for one feel humbled and privileged to have read it and urge that others do so as well, if only to help fund what will be Trevor’s greatest legacy: the establishment of a charity which is giving back to the Indigenous community, those whom have been treated so disgracefully and whom deserve our help and respect so much going forwards. Trevor truly is an example of an ordinary man achieving extraordinary feats.

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