The Medjugorje Centre, founded in 2010 by Trevor Knuckey, offers others the ‘water’ he has, which God empowered for him at Medjugorje in 1990.

Trevor’s unique spiritual experiences led him to charitable work, for several decades, which won him the Order of Australia Medal.

The Medjugorje Centre is an ultra low cost charity. Donations are used 100% for charitable purposes due to paying no wages, rent or admin costs.

Our aims are to improve the education, health and wellbeing of under-privileged students, especially indigenous, and other charitable works beneficial to community.



Trevor Knuckey has been entrusted with ‘water’ empowered by God and he gives it to the Medjugorje Centre free of any cost.

The Medjugorje Centre charity offers a vial of the Medjugorje Blessed Water to those who make a fair and reasonable donation plus post and packaging.

Trevor’s book explains the Medjugorje Blessed Water and there is information on the Holy Water Page for anyone wishing to make a request.



You are welcome to contact us for any reason, but we all need prayers for various reasons at some time, so the Medjugorje Centre prayer team will put anyone requesting prayer on our prayer list and pray for them, their family and their intentions. If interested, just put your details and request in the Contact Form and click the Send Message button.

PO Box 4035, Swan View. West Australia. 6056